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The 100th anniversary of the Polish organised Aquarists and Terrarium Keepers Association was held between 8-10 May in Lodz. The Lodz Aquarists and Terrarium Keepers Association and aquarist clubs from all over Poland organised an occasional exhibition of decorative aquariums, which included also our aquarium. During the jubilee celebration we received official thanks from Polish aquarists for supporting this beautiful hobby, which gave us great satisfaction. We have eagerly sponsored, among other things, Poecilia Reticulata Club, Polish Association of Disk Fish Lovers, the Lodz Zoological Garden, the Lodz Aquarists and Terrarium Keepers Association, school aquarist clubs and many other aquarist associations for many years.

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New Filtrax cartridges

We provide a new series of Filtrax filter cartridges in easy and durable flow bags made of resistant fibre. Plastic jars contain 5 bags. Filtrax GH and KH contain cation exchangers used to lower general and carbonate hardness. Filtrax NH3 contains aluminosilicate sorbent removing dangerous ammonium compounds, selective anion exchanger of Filtrat NO3 combines nitrate anions, which, if their content is too high, result in a rapid growth of algae. Filtrax C, which contains activated carbon of great absorption capacity, removes even trace chemical pollutants from aquarium water – such as, among other things, pesticides, detergents, dyes and, most of all, remains of medicine and products of their decomposition left after the conducted treatment of fish.

Food for fish in decorative ponds

Answering the needs of our receivers we have expanded our offer into food in form of floating sticks for fish in decorative small ponds. Wholesome natural nutrients contained in our products, including also vitamins and microelements, ensure a beautiful look and an excellent condition of fish. The applied special additives have a particularly favourable influence on the immune and digestive system (grains, spirulina) and intensify natural colouring of fish (astaxanthin – natural pigment).

Basic Pond sticks - contains grains.
Color Pond sticks - enriched with astaxanthin.
Spirulina Pond sticks - vegetable food with high spirulina content.
Mix Pond sticks - mixture of food sticks enriched with astaxanthin, spirulina and grains.

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