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About the company
For over 25 years ZOOLEK has been offering a broad set of preparations and tests for water testing to aquarium lovers. Reacting to needs of our clients we constantly broaden and improve assortment of our products.
Recipes of our preparations are a result of our own research and close cooperation with professional fish breeders. Disinfecting and therapeutic preparations by ZOOLEK constitute a group of renowned preparations in the aquaristic market. The group includes preparations against all pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites that can be found in aquarium.
We offer also products for water conditioning - pH and hardness correcting, chlorine and heavy metals removal, supplying micro- and macro-elements, fighting algae in aquariums and garden ponds. ZOOLEK aqua-tests are high quality sets for control of water parameters important for fish and water plants.
Zoolek takes a part in different events, exhbitions and fairs, Zoolek is a sponsor of number of aquarium-themed competitions.
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Wytwórnia Preparatów ZOOLEK
inż. chem. Andrzej Mikuła
ul. Wyspiańskiego 27
94-028 Łódź, Poland

Grzegorz Wężyk
tel. +48 668 502 405
Dorota Kowalska
tel. +48 600 496 007

Production department
ul. Siewna 15
Łódź, Poland
tel/fax. +48 42 6534457

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