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Aquaset 1

Aquaset 1 is a set of 9 tests for important aquarium water parameters. The set allows the following tests:
-pH in two ranges: 4.5-9.0 and 6.0-8.0 (2x100 tests)
-total hardness and carbonate hardness (approximately 2x30 tests)
-ammonia NH3 concentration in range of 0-10 mg/l (30 tests)
-nitrites NO2- concentration in range of 0-10 mg/l (50 tests)
-nitrates NO3- concentration in range of 0-130 mg/l (50 tests)
-phosphates PO4 concentration in range of 0-2 mg/l (30 tests)
-iron Fe ions concentration in range of 0-1,5 mg/l (30 tests)
The set consists of a kit of reagents, two glass test tubes, instructions and a water resistant colour scale. The whole set is contained in a durable plastic case.

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