Tips on how to set up a new planted aquarium?

Volume is a basic parameter for describing an aquarium. However, it should be kept in mind that actual amount of water is less than that calculated on the basis of tank dimensions (some space is filled with gravel and aquarium decorations, additionally, an aquarium mustn’t be filled with water to the top) . Generally, tanks of standard dimensions available in the market can be divided into three groups:

small tanks – volumes from 10 to 50 l

They are ideal aquariums for small fish and shrimp or for betta fish. However, a smaller tank requires more owners attention and it is easier to upset the aquarium equilibrium. Proper care and a well-designed aquarium arrangement will allow one to enjoy every minute of fish and plant observation. Stocking density should not exceed 1 cm of adult fish per 1,5 l of water.

medium-sized tanks – volumes from 50 to 240 l

Tanks of this size make it possible to keep the majority of common ornamental fish species and to grow together several water plant species in one aquarium. While choosing inhabitants for an aquarium, size of an adult fish should be always taken into account – this kind of information is available either in aquaristics shops or on the Internet. For proper selection of species, it is also important to determine the feeding habits of fish. Stocking density should not exceed 1 cm of adult fish per 1 l of water.

large tanks – volume above 240 l

Large tanks allow for almost every arrangement and are more tolerant to mistakes made by the owner since a larger volume results in better stabilization of water parameters.

How to choose the best planted aquarium lightning?

When setting-up a new aquarium, good planning is vital to success. A lightning system is one of the most important factors for maintaining aquariums with thriving plants. Lighting power in the range of 0,5 to 0,9 W/l is generally considered to be standard. Value below 0,5 Watts per litre is not sufficient for plants and their growth will be much inhibited or completely impossible. Power lighting above 1 watt per litre for most plants will be too strong and can result in algal bloom.

Volume and lightning calculator:

Volume (litres)
or dimesions
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
Recommended lighting power (W)