Zoolek Laboratories


Since Zoolek was founded, we have prioritized and valued the development and modernisation of our laboratories. Today, we have extensive analytical facilities used for various measurements and procedures. Our laboratories are designed to permit the thorough research necessary to broaden our range of products and guarantee their reliability.

Innovative research
and constant development


The process of product development is a complex task that often requires the commitment of many qualified people as well as proper laboratory and production equipment. Before a new agent or Aquatest is available to aquarists, it is subject to rigorous testing in different departments of Zoolek’s laboratory. Designing and putting a new item into production includes testing for effectiveness and reliability, determining the mechanisms that allow a new product to work, verifying selected raw materials, establishing storage conditions, analysing the product’s stability over time, setting up pilot lines, and packaging prototypes. Our R&D department, besides implementing new products and services, constantly strives to improve and enhance existing Zoolek products.

Quality control
and laboratory services


The reliability, repeatability and stability of a product is key to customer satisfaction. We ensure the quality of our aquarium supplementing agents and Aquatests through constant monitoring of raw materials, evaluation and laboratory testing of finished products, as well as controls of packaging and production standards. Our implemented quality assurance systems are subject to continuous checks and their results help us improve our production methods whenever necessary.


Keeping track of water content and parameters is one of the aspects that cannot be ignored while taking care of an aquarium or aquaculture. Our laboratories provide aquarists with advanced analysis services for samples taken from both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Water analysis by high-performance instruments like ICP-OES or ICP-MS allows users to obtain results far more accurate than traditional aquarium tests and gives insight into the complete range of the elements in one sample. In addition to analysis of aquarium water we also fulfil analytical requirements for other industries including the medical and education sectors, as well as environmental measurements.