Polish brand with a long-standing tradition

Zoolek is a brand with a long-standing tradition of aquaristics, known for its wide variety of products which are well-established in the Polish market. For over 40 years, we have been supplying water agents and Aquatests enabling the maintaining and restoring of chemical and biological equilibrium in aquariums, garden ponds and aquacultures. Our products include a complex series of products used for disinfection, treatment, conditioning, fertilization and replenishment of water, prevention of fish diseases as well as monitoring the content of ions, micro- and macroelements or trace elements. We also offer analytical solutions made possible by our technology and innovation, but grounded in decades of skill and experience in water chemistry. Although, everyone has their own idea as to the key components essential to a beautiful aquarium, water is undoubtedly the most important constituting the very environment in which fish and aquarium plants live.


Our products are based on professionalism and care for the finest quality deriving from our practical experience and high expertise in ichthyology. We have specialistic production facilities and modern lines for packing and packaging goods. Quality control and research are done in our laboratories equipped with cutting-edge analytical instruments. As a company with a strong reputation in the aquaristic market, specialised facilities, expertise and wide product line, we want to support aquarists in their passion to create great fish tanks that decorate homes and gardens, as well as professional fish keepers in maintaining stable and healthy conditions for fish development.


The Zoolek product line is constantly developing. Due to new and constantly evolving market needs, our existing products are continually improved while new ones are introduced. Apart from classic water agents and tests, we also provide more innovative solutions based on measurement services, tools and systems for aquarists’ support. Currently, backed by EU funds, we are completing a R&D project consisting of a multiparameter photometer for measurements in aquaristics, agriculture and industry.


Not only do we supply products, but since the founding of Zoolek, we have been involved in community life focused on aquaristics. Zoolek is present at the most important fair events in Poland and abroad. We support associations, but also we finance and fund research work, exhibitions and aquaristic competitions. Thanks to communication and cooperation with numerous shops, institutions, fish breeders and hobbyists our company gains valuable feedback on our products and detailed insight into the needs of consumers in the aquaristic market.


  • Jagiellonian University in Kraków
  • Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Sciences, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń


  • Spotkania Tanganickie – Kraków
  • Międzynarodowe Dni Akwarystyki SGGW Warszawa
  • Nałęczowskie Dni Akwarystyki
  • Akwarystyczny Spływ Kajakowy
  • Wystawa Akwarystyczna Oceanika Kielce
  • Ogólnopolskie Dni Akwarystyki w Muzeum Przyrody w Drozdowie
  • Śląski Weekend Akwarystyczny and many others


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  • Klub Miłośników Tanganiki
  • Klub Malawi
  • Polski Klub Miłośników Dyskowców
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  • Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny w Łodzi
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